Market Research your way!

Get the data you need, when you need, from who-ever you need it from.

Super Fast

AnswerCrowd Crowd members are ready and waiting for your questions. New responses within minutes.

Flexible Questions

Three different question types gives you the tools you need to get your responses back fast.

Unlimited Segmentation

Use AnswerCrowd Traits to create ANY segment you like from our Crowd, when you need it.

On Demand

Ready when you need it, AnswerCrowd is available on demand for any user.

Enterprise Ready

CROWDPulse provides access for every person in your organisation. Research direct to desk.

Commercially Confident

Only you see your responses. No other users (including Crowd members) see your responses.

Core Features

More than just a crowd, AnswerCrowd has a number of key core features.

Question Types

Choose from either Premium (1,000 Chars), Basic (100 Chars) or Multiple Choice (5 questions in 1).

Supporting Material

Add supporting material to your question such as websites, images, PDF’s and Youtube videos.

Demographic Filtering

Choose from any demographic you like based on Gender, State, Age and Postcode.


Filter the Crowd based on Socio-Economic fields including Marital Status, Income, Industry, Dependants, Job & Education

Custom Segmentation

Using AnswerCrowd Traits functionality, create your own custom segment based on ANY criteria you like, on-demand.

Limit your Crowd

You choose how big the crowd is you want to ask. Ask as few as 50 people if you like. Pay only for what you use.

Keyword Search

Search all responses for any keyword(s) you like and view the demographic profiles of the Crowd members.

Dictionary Sentiment

Use your own dictionary to analyse sentiment of all responses and corresponding demographics.

Remain Anonymous

Your identity remains secret unless you choose to reveal it in your question.

Geographical Heat Map

View where you responses have come from on a live interactive heat map.

Enterprise Ready

Provide anyone in your organisation read-only access to your responses and integrate into your Intranet.

Enterprise Ideation

Gather questions from anyone in your organisation through CROWDPulse and display the responses to everyone.

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