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Embed multi-layered cloud collaboration into your mobile and web apps with our SDKs and APIs.



power your apps with moxtra


moxtra embeddables seamlessly integrate powerful collaboration capabilities into any application on any device. developers can mix and match embeddables to build a customized collaboration experience.

Power Messenger Embeddable

Our power messaging embeddable provides our full suite of collaboration services in one comprehensive, embeddable module. Connect teams and individuals within the contest of your app with powerful collaboration features. Your users can elevate their simple text-based chats to conversations with rich audio, video, and web clips, as well as share any file from their mobile device, desktop, or cloud storage services. Upon integrating the power messaging SDK into your app, you can define the roles of your users, the content that is shared between them, and the collaborative workflow. All user interactions are synchronized and archived in binders. Finally, this SDK can be configured to include Moxtra’s powerful conferencing and task management capabilities, all while taking advantage of Moxtra’s industry leading security.

Clip Embeddable

Users can make voice recordings along with rich annotations over content. Make your mark inside of a text stream, atop a presentation, or on a whiteboard. Mobile users can create these annotations on content stored in your app or pull files from any repository, enabling them to quickly share ideas without typing. These clips are saved as shareable video files that can be stored locally, in your service, or on the Moxtra cloud. With the Moxtra clip embeddable, your users can collaborate efficiently even when miles apart.

Real Time Embeddable

Enable your users to participate and schedule multi-party meetings from any device. Upon integrating the real-time embeddable, participants can share screens, control remote desktops, brainstorm on a whiteboard, and annotate documents concurrently. Anyone, app-user or not, can join a meeting with a single click, and any meeting can be recorded and archived. Extend the workplace far beyond its walls.

Draw Embeddable

Transform document collaboration with Moxtra. With our draw embeddable, users can collaborate over any type of content with rich annotation capabilities. Annotate documents with sketches, shapes, text, voice tags and more. Highlight and sign important documents, from any device, at any time. Enable your users to illustrate their ideas effectively and make their content dynamic.

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