Feature List

Notes & Attachments

Store Notes and Attachments against any record in Workbooks. Notes can be written using a rich HTML editor so you can highlight and format information. You can also restrict access to Notes so only authorised people have access, making Workbooks an ideal place to store sensitive documents like supplier contracts or contractor agreements.

MailChimp Integration

The MailChimp integration enables users to synchronise records between Workbooks and MailChimp automatically, enabling users to effectively target their Workbooks contacts using MailChimp's powerful email marketing tools.

Email Drop Box

Easily store all your email communications in Workbooks using the Email Drop Box. This allows you to store any email from any email application in Workbooks by either forwarding or copying (cc or bcc) the message to your secure drop box. Workbooks scans the emails and records the message against the relevant people and records

Outlook Connector

A plug-in application for Outlook which provides automatic synchronisation of Contacts, Activities and Emails with Workbooks. The plug-in performs the synchronisation as a background task, ensuring your Outlook database is up to date. You can also define rules to control which records are synchronised.

Google Apps Integration

Seamlessly create Google docs, including spreadsheets, word documents and presentations from within Workbooks, and link these to specific records. Integration with Google Apps additionally provides users with the flexibility to create their own HTML templates for nearly every type of record, including quotes, orders and invoices.


Capture leads directly from your website into Workbooks using the web to lead functionality. You can create different forms to capture different types of leads and also track which Marketing Campaign generate the lead. If you use Google Adwords, you can also capture the Google Campaign as part of the lead capture process.

Marketing Campaigns

Campaigns are a powerful feature in Workbooks, which allow you to group prospects together for targeted marketing activities. You can associate costs and purchase orders against a campaign to measure your expenditure. Importantly, you can track which leads ultimately convert into orders and invoices, allowing you to truly measure the return on your marketing investment.


With a single click, you can create a quotation from a sales Opportunity and turn it into a professional PDF Output Document that you can send to your customer. Quotations support customisable templates, enabling you to design your own quotations and 'merge in' information from Workbooks.

Customer Invoices & Credit Notes

Convert your Sales Orders into Invoices at a click of a button using Workbooks. Invoices can be created in multiple currencies and can be converted into PDF Output Documents so you can send them to your customer.


Use the case management tools to track customer enquiries, support calls and project delivery. All Cases are allocated unique case numbers and can be assigned to users or Queues for effective management. Workbooks also allows you to define priorities and customise case types. Against a Case you can track the primary contact and other People and Organisations involved in the case and describe their roles. You can additionally track Notes, Activities and Emails against a Case, giving complete visibility of your customer enquiry.

Custom Fields

Virtually every record type in Workbooks can be extended with Custom Fields. Various different types of custom fields are supported including plain text, pick lists, dates, currencies and numbers.


Create real time management dashboards to track key business information, which can include charts, graphs and reports. Dashboards can be personal or shared with other team members and additionally allow you to drill down into the key data.