Workbooks Integrations

Workbooks CRM integrates with hundreds of business applications and services through pre-built connectors/plug-ins, Web services API or Zaps. Our team has extensive experience in helping customers successfully connect Workbooks CRM to their existing business systems.


Workbooks includes an automation engine and task scheduler. This allows users to run custom PHP scripts to perform processes such as sending automated emails or retrieving requested information.


Workbooks allows iFrames so users can easily present web pages hosted on other systems. For example, we could present an article published on the web, within the context of the member record in Workbooks.


Workbooks has a full RESTful web services API that underpins all our integration options and provides a generic method to connect Workbooks to any application that has a corresponding API. The API has the ability to create, read, update and safely remove records inside Workbooks.