Contract Management

Contract Management

A contract record is simply another type of transaction document in Workbooks. The contract management functionality enables you to store all your customer contract information in one place, alongside your CRM, order and invoice data.

Track the start and end dates of contracts, monitor whether the contract is active, expired or suspended, and create customisable contract types, such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, or 24x7 or standard.

As with all other transaction documents within the Workbooks CRM System, you are able to schedule and record activities against a contract record and create reports to measure and manage your contracts.

You could use this functionality to create a report to help you identify the total value of customer contracts, or schedule reminders to call your customers 4 weeks before their contract is due for renewal.

If you are a Workbooks Business customer, Workbooks also enables you to create contracts from other transaction documents, for instance ‘Orders,’ copying across all line items that have a 'Contract Start Date' and 'Contract End Date' set.

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