Customer Service

Integrated Customer Support

Workbooks ‘Case Management’ system allows you to integrate your support team’s activities with the rest of your business to provide a seamless experience for your customers. Using Case Management, support teams can log trouble tickets, assign cases to users and queues, set priorities and track the progress of the case through to resolution.

The customer support software functions allow you to:

  • Automatically create of case reference numbers and records
  • Set case priorities for prioritising the workload of your team
  • Assign cases to users or Queues for automated processing
  • Store ‘Notes and Attachments’ against the Case Record
  • Set ‘Activities’ and Reminders to ensure follow-up actions are not missed
  • Track additional information via ‘Custom Fields’ helping you resolve issues in future
Web2Case and Email2Case

The Workbooks Web2Case and Email2Case features allow your customers to raise cases via your website or via email. All cases are automatically created in Workbooks without having to re-enter details and are allocated a unique reference number. The cases can also be automatically assigned to groups or individuals for workflow management, prioritisation and tracking.

Email Integration

Cases are fully integrated with the email functions within CRM, enabling support teams to take advantage of pre-formatted ‘Email Templates’ to respond to common requests. The ‘Email Drop Box’ is also fully supported, allowing your users and customers to send you emails that are then automatically imported and stored against their case record.

If your support teams use Microsoft Outlook, the Outlook Connector allows them to fully integrate contacts, appointments, tasks and emails directly from the Outlook client.

360 Degree view

Cases sit alongside all other records in Workbooks, allowing managers and other interested teams such as sales and finance to see the progress of cases or track critical issues. All interested parties in your business can see full details of an issue using the customer support software, keeping everyone in the loop automatically and helping to provide a consistent experience for the client.

In addition, support teams have full access to the customers’ transaction history, so they can see which products have been purchased and which may be entitled to support coverage.

Management Reporting

Managers in support teams can use the full capabilities of Workbooks View, ‘Reports’ and ‘Dashboard’ functionality to build a comprehensive picture of the support workload, identify problematic issues and improve their business processes for the benefit of their clients and to reduce costly inefficiencies.

Contract Management Integration

The Workbooks ‘Contract Management’ module is fully integrated with Cases, meaning allowing your staff to track cases against a specific contract and view specific contract line items.

If a customer rings in with a problem regarding a specific product, the support team are able to quickly and easily search by serial number or product key to find the relevant support contract relating to that product. Your support team can take the opportunity to search using the customer support software system to see if the customer’s support contract is still valid and consequently if they are entitled to the level of support they are requesting.

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