Event Management

Plan and deliver successful events with the Workbooks Event Management Tools

The Workbooks platform provides you with all the tools you need to quickly and easily plan, organise and promote an event. What’s more, this functionality is part of a fully integrated CRM solution, thus connecting your events and marketing campaigns with your sales, order fulfilment and financial data, giving your organisation a truly unparalleled 360 degree view of your customer engagement.

Create and organise your events from within your CRM

Using the Workbooks marketing and campaign management tools you can create events and record key information about each event including the date, start and end times, details of the agenda and the location.

You can also create and manage tasks, such as booking a venue, organising speakers and sending invitations, and you can assign each task to internal user groups or individuals, ensuring that the planning and organisation process runs smoothly.

Easily sort and segment your database

With your entire database of contacts at your fingertips, you can easily sort and segment your data to create lists of the relevant prospects and customers you want to invite to your event. At the click of a button, this list can be added to the Event Campaign Record, giving you a single record from which to manage the promotion and execution of your conferences and events.

Create the perfect event web page

In a matter of seconds, you can publish events on your website from within Workbooks, creating a URL and a web page for each event that your delegates can visit to find out more and register to attend. The page will automatically display the full details of the event, pulled directly from the Workbooks Event Campaign Record, and will even populate a Google map that shows the exact location of your event. What’s more, it’s possible to tailor the styling and formatting of the event web page so that you can create an attractive and engaging page that has the same ‘look and feel’, and branding, as your website.

Capture delegate details directly into your CRM system

Once a delegate has completed the registration form on the Workbooks event web page, their details are automatically fed back into Workbooks so that you can see a complete and up-to-date list of people who have registered to attend. This enables you to track delegate numbers in real-time and removes the need to manually enter sensitive customer and prospect data, saving you time and reducing the risk of manual error.

You could even go beyond self-registration to online amendment and cancellation, or you could integrate the web page with a payment gateway to enable delegates to pay online with a credit card via a convenient and secure payment portal - such as SagePay. The payment will be collected and the relevant order records and invoices will automatically be created in your Workbooks CRM system, making online payment quick and easy for you and your delegates.

Engage with delegates and promote your event

With Workbooks it couldn’t be easier to send out emails to promote your event and invite people to attend. You can either use the Workbooks email marketing tools, or you can use one of the third party email marketing tools that Workbooks integrates with, such as MailChimp, which would allow you to track response metrics such as the opens, clicks and bounce rates.

It’s also possible to send automatic emails from Workbooks to those who have registered to attend, either thanking them for registering or reminding them of the event details nearer the time, helping you to engage with your delegates in the time leading up to your event and keep attendance rates high.

On-the day event management

On the day of your event, you can use the Workbooks event management portal, which is designed to be run on a tablet or iPad device, to confirm attendance as your delegates arrive. Once you have logged in to the secure event management portal, you can use the touch screen friendly buttons to confirm attendance for each delegate and this information will automatically sync back into your Workbooks CRM for follow-up after the event. Again, this saves you the time and effort of manually updating attendance information, and gives you a secure portal from which to track attendance in real-time on the day of your event.

What’s more, the portal is designed to work when the wireless or data signal is poor. If you lose connection, Workbooks will cache the changes locally until connection is re-established, when it will immediately sync the changes with your Workbooks CRM. So no matter where your event is held and no matter how unreliable the internet connection, you can be confident that your data will still be captured and automatically synced with your CRM.

An Events Management Solution that is right for your business

The Workbooks event management tools enable you to manage your events more effectively, streamlining and automating routine tasks from within your CRM system. The scripts and automation features that are used to manage events in Workbooks can always be extended and tailored to meet the specific requirements of your organisation. Simply get in touch and we’ll help you to devise a solution that’s right for your business.

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