Invoicing and Credit Notes

Invoice Creation

Workbooks enables you to:

  • Easily create customer invoices manually or by converting a sales order into an invoice, at the click of a button. The Workbooks CRM System supports multiple VAT schemes and currencies for each of the geographic regions where your business operates
  • Create invoices in a variety of formats, including as PDF files, to support the needs of your customer and your own business preferences. These invoices can then be emailed directly to clients, using Workbooks ‘Email Templates,’ to create a consistent brand experience and image
  • Restrict invoice creation to authorised users, thanks to the permissions built into Workbooks CRM System. Users cannot, by default, issue or process invoices for enhanced business security
Invoice Management

Invoices work like any other Transaction Document in Workbooks. You can:

  • Schedule and record activities against an invoice, such as booking a call to chase payment or record an email exchange
  • Share invoices with other teams such as sales or customer services, allowing them to see the status of an invoice when dealing with a customer
  • Easily export invoice details using the ‘Export Tools’ and import them into your accounting system

We also have a number of third-party providers with built-in synchronisation tools, which will synchronise invoice information between Workbooks and Sage.

Accounting Integration

With Workbooks, you can synchronise orders, credit notes, new accounts and invoice information from Workbooks directly with your accounting package via the Workbooks API.

Automating the synchronisation of data between your CRM and your finance system minimises the risk of manual error or duplication of effort and ensures consistency of data across the business. What’s more, with financial transaction data available for all departments to see, it is easier for finance to ensure that they don’t chase for outstanding payments if the customer is having a support issue and for sales to make sure they don’t try and sell more to customers that are not good at paying.

Workbooks can integrate with a number of different accounting packages, including Xero, Quickbooks, Sage Line 50, Sage Line 200 and others.

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