Sales Effectiveness

Organisations & People Management

Workbooks gives you full visibility of your entire relationship history with your customers. You can see:

  • Activities – Calls, meetings and appointments you have had in the past
  • Emails – Full details of messages sent and received including mailshots
  • Cases – Details of support requests from your customers
  • Opportunities and transactions – Outstanding sales opportunities or upcoming projects which might present a sales opening in future

This 360⁰ view of your contacts can significantly help you to shape your future customer interactions appropriately, notably contributing towards improving your customer service.

Workbooks also has a powerful reporting functionality that enables you to:

  • Track relationships between people and organisations
  • Track third-party relationships, such as your competitors’ customers and reseller/distribution relationships
  • Segment your customer data based on criteria, such as account manager, or location or sales team
Increase your Productivity

Workbooks can significantly help to increase the productivity of your sales team. By reducing the time spent on admin-related tasks, more time is available for selling your products and services. Integrated tools mean:

  • Never miss a follow up call. Schedule yourself an ‘Activity,’ ‘To-Do,’ ‘Phone Call’ or ‘Meeting’ and a notification will pop-up reminding you of your activity
  • Assign activities to your colleagues for prompt resolution or to spread workload efficiently
  • Use standard ‘Email Templates’ across your business to reduce the amount of time spent on writing repetitive emails, while still communicating relevant information to your clients
  • Full integration with Outlook means you can send and receive emails all from within Workbooks Sales CRM, without the need to keep switching applications
Track your Opportunities

Workbooks’ sales CRM functionality enables you to easily track and manage your sales opportunities. You can:

  • Track close dates, opportunity stages and percentages
  • Record the key people involved in the decision making process for targeted communications
  • Record any other organisations involved, such as competitors or third-party suppliers, to maintain a full overview of the project and its players
  • Seamlessly integrate Workbooks into your existing sales process by customising your own opportunity stages
Manage your Pipeline

Workbooks gives you a complete and consistent view of your whole sales pipeline. You can:

  • Build views, reports and fully customisable dashboards
  • Sort, filter and group your data, based on any attribute of the opportunity, helping to build up an extensive picture of your ‘Sales Pipeline’
  • Spot weaknesses in your sales pipeline early on and rectify them before they create major problems
  • Extract the management information you need, when you need it and in real time for better informed, faster business decisions
Forecast your Sales

Workbooks’ forecasting tool enables you to create accurate ‘Sales Forecasts’ for your financial periods. The forecasting tool can be customised to include or exclude opportunities based on the stage the opportunity has reached in the sales process, in terms of both value and confidence to provide a number of different scenarios and predictions.

One-Click Quotation Creation

At the click of a button, Workbooks’ sales CRM functionality allows you to generate professional-looking PDF Quotes, that can then be emailed to your customers or prospects direct from the system. You can:

  • Generate quotes in the context of an opportunity. The customer and product data will pre-populate the quotation with any relevant information available
  • Record cost prices and sale prices in quotation line items allowing you to track gross margin and profitability of deals
  • Customise your quotation templates to match your company branding and ‘merge-in’ information from Workbooks
Quote to Order

Workbooks enables you to turn your Quotations into Customer Sales Orders at the click of a button, copying across all the relevant line items and customer details, saving you time, effort and the potential for manual error as data is duplicated. You can then:

  • Track the progress of orders, as they are fulfilled. Perfect for issuing status updates to clients
  • Create Activities and Notes against Sales Orders
  • Place Sales Orders on Queues to support workflow and approval processes
  • Create professional looking PDF documents from Sales Orders so you can email your customers confirmation that an order has been received and is being processed
Product Book

Streamline your quotation and order processes by storing frequently used products information inside the ‘Product Book.’ You can store cost and prices, part numbers and descriptions. You can also use the ‘Pricing Schemes’ function to store preferred supplier details and manage special promotional pricing.

Dashboards & Reports

With an unlimited number of customisable dashboards and extensive reporting capabilities, Workbooks is the perfect sales CRM as it makes it extremely easy to track your crucial business information and to drill down into key data.

All reports and dashboards display current, up to date data at all times, enabling you to assess the health of your business at the click of a button, often with easy-to-read graphs for at-a-glance analysis. You can:

  • Report on all record types and their associated fields, including standard, customised and calculated
  • Filter, group and sort the data in your reports to give you a different view of the same data, without having to create a completely new report
  • Build queries across all record types within your reports, allowing you to extract key business information exactly how you want it
  • Drill down into specific record types directly from a list view
Track KPIs

Being able to identify key performance indicator metrics is vital for any successful sales operation. has the sales functionality that enables you to identify and track:

  • Number of activities completed per sales rep
  • Win rates per sales rep
  • Which competitors are competing for the same deals
  • Dormant customers
  • Revenues & gross margins

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