Zapier is an web automation platform that makes it possible to connect the apps you use and get more out of your data thus allowing you to automate tasks between online apps. Workbooks can communicate with Zapier.

How does it work?

You can build ‘Zaps’ that automate specific parts of your business. A Zap is a blueprint of a predefined task that you want to run over and over again. Zaps work by using Triggers and Actions, allowing you to tell Zapier “When ‘this’ happens in this app, do ‘that’ in another app”. In this example ‘this’ is the Trigger and ‘that’ is the Action.

Supported by over 500 applications it is possible to mix and match Triggers and Actions to automate a lot that previously has had to be carried out manually. This can aid in speeding up workflows and increasing efficiency and productivity.